Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gettin' Carried Away {With the Jeppsons}

wow, the reality didn't hit me until we were back at my house {and I was making waterballons for the girls  hehehe} that this was my last official Ft Irwin family session before I move!! I have a studio OpLove session this week, but then all my sessions after that are off-post....crazy! {sigh....I will miss this door on post...but looking online I've noticed some awesome little parks and murals around my soon-to-be-neighborhood!score!} Anyway....I'm so thrilled I got to meet the Jeppson family before my time in the desert comes to a close. How sweet they are!

I really enjoyed getting to work with you guys...thank you! {and I'm glad we made it through this session without the MPs pulling me over again! whew!} Your gallery will be up soon :-) Hope you love the sneek peek....the last three on here I've added a "watermelon" haze to...I'm lovin' it! Your gallery will have these with and without the haze so I'm excited to get your opinion on which versions you like; I kept clicking back and forth between them trying to decide!

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