Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I'm having such a good time editing last night's session with Jamie and Ronnie...and it's not because I'm still laughing about our run-in with the post MPs! I'm really loving the colors, and the way they're just so smiley and happy and lovey-dovey with each other...and I think with this maternity session and the one with Trisha & Kyle I'm finally truly embracing the beauty of the desert and finding what I like best for my color palette. I also finally allowed myself to buy some "haze" actions from one of my favorite inspirations, My Four Hens, so I wanted to share a few examples with you. (I've been wanting to play with them forever, but was keeping them as a little reward for myself.) The middle image is the original, straight from the lens with no editing...the top and bottom images each have a different little haze to them. (dusty and pumpkin) I'm posting the official sneek peek in a'll see more of these ... I may not sleep tonight; I can't decide which haze I like best and keep playing with them for all the images! Somebody stop me! hehehehe

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