Thursday, October 8, 2009

Young Hearthrobs {Ft Irwin Skatepark}

This past Sunday I got to meet up with such a fun family...they're from England, and I could have just put the camera down and listened to them talk for hours....
The original plan was to grab a few studio shots, then head out to Rainbow Basin with their dog, Cocoa, for some family shots. The weather, however, had different plans! The wind doesn't bother me...but the amount of sand kickin' up sure does- and with the high winds we had, standing out at Rainbow would have been anything less than fun for the family; not to mention by the time the session started I could barely see Tiefort out my window. So, we did a quick change of plans and after the studio shots decided to head out to the Skatepark where there would be less sand, and the boys could show off more of their fabulous personalities with their skateboard and scooter. {with their handsome looks and great accents, I'm sure the girls at school all have crushes on these two!!}
I'm still running behind on where I'd like to be on getting caught up on all the sessions, so I'm sure I'll post more from this session later. I just hate to keep families in suspense on getting their sneak peeks!! Thanks for being so patient, guys!

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