Thursday, October 29, 2009

"warm fuzzies" on a chilly morning...

My idea of a perfect chilly morning is to stay cuddled up in bed with my hubby, and maybe have some hot cocoa... but when that can't happen, it's certainly such an awesome treat to get warm & fuzzy e-mails like these two that I've received this week!! {These are from two different OpLove sessions I had recently...}

"Hello Missie,

I just spoke to hubby and he told me how happy he is because he got the photobook!:). He says he couldn't even go to sleep from flipping through it. Thank you so very much for lifting his spirits up with that:). He is so close to coming home and obviously very anxious for time to tick by faster so this really calmed him down:)...." {from the wife of a soldier here at Ft Irwin}

"Missie,I would like to thank you for the great pictures you took and sent out of my family. As little as the gesture may seem it definitely helps get through the days. Once again thank you for you support." {from one of the deployed soldiers whose family surprised him with their session}

As a military spouse, I know just how hard deployments are - and I'm fortunete that I've been able to enjoy my hubby being home for the past OpLove to me is the best way to show how thankful I am for my hubby's safe return on two deployments, and to show support to other military families that are anxiously awaiting the safe return of their soldiers. It means so much to me to know that I put some smiles on these soldiers' faces! I can't wait to know that all my OpLovers are home safe & sound....and I certainly hope it works out to be able to capture that homecoming as well!


'till then - stay safe over there, and thank you again for all you do!! You rock!!

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