Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's all about the dress {Bicycle Lake}

So this fun session has been several months in the waiting. I did this gorgeous bride's engagement photos back in the spring, and we've been talking since then about getting together to do some Bridal Portraits...and finally the stars aligned for us to both have a free evening to link up again! Yeah!


Between their engagement session and now, another photographer suggested I get out to the dried lake bed sometime for a shoot. I've been itching to get out there, but wanted to wait for just the right session for the "feel" that landscape creates...and this was just perfect!!

{it is all about the dress & the details when you're a bride!!}

{isn't she just gorgeous?}

Ah! I just love the moodiness of the last one.I had to do it in a darker black & white. Of course it was kickin' up the wind this evening, so she was holding on to her veil. To me the unplanned angle of her head and arms gives this image a completely different feel from the others...

Ironically, I am actually shooting a wedding here on post at the end of this month and would just love to get back here again if the day's timing allows, and the weather is cooperating. {LOVE windy shots with veils and trains, but a dusty bride walking down the aisle isn't such a great thing! hehehe}
Carla, thanks for another fun session! I loved finally getting to see your dress in person - gorgeous! - and I hope you had fun getting to wear it again!! {you know, someone I know once told me they put their gown on every year on their anniversary...me, if I had kept mine -kinda regret selling it even though it was poofier than I should have done- would probably put it on to vacuum just for an excuse to wear it every now and then....}

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