Sunday, July 26, 2009

Desert Blooms

Headed out bright and early on Friday AM to Rainbow new favorite spot here in the Mojave. I had such a great time with these three ... they have such a cool dynamic going ... so fun to watch the whole brother/sister thing ... but you can also tell they genuinely love each other and have a lot of fun together.
We did a lot of group shots, but of course some individual shots as well...and I was psyched that the sky cooperated again this week and had some cool cloud action going on for me! The color versions are beautiful...but since I know Mom was looking for some black & white images for her home I wanted to post these. (besides, I just love black &'s so timeless and really creates a "story telling" feel in my opinion)
I'm sure I'll be posting some of the individual shots as well...I just started proofing this AM, and wanted to make sure to get some sneak peeks up to start out the week...

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