Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Desert Winds

The morning started off calm and sunny....but by the time we started our session last Thursday afternoon, the desert winds were howling! I've been here about 10 months now, but that was definetly the worst I've seen it...but that didn't stop us from getting some Tiefort pics, as well as some other mountain views out by "Blackie." (By the time we wrapped up the session you couldn't even see Tiefort with all the sand blowing). This great family kept up the smiles, though, with no troubles. (And probably got a few laughs out of me trying to get my door open to my car and get in it before it slammed shut on me...took me a few trys....)
After I got all the sand out of my mouth and hair, I packed up for another trip to my favorite city...San Diego! My brother, his wife, and my little niece came out to visit from NJ...Julianna is turning 1 this month! I'll be posting some of her 1st Birthday pics soon with the details on the 1st Birthday "Sweet Shot" promotion I'm doing with Rhonda Morgan. (She was the tidiest little cake eater I ever saw! I think us four adults dove more into the cake than she did....) We all had a blast at Coronado Island & the San Diego Zoo....I got some great shots of a street artist & the zoo that I'll post soon, too. Tomorrow I'm shooting a Change of Command Ceremony, and Thursday I've got a handsome little newborn ... my art lessons are all still going full swing and making some great projects, and Friday my parents arrive from NJ! (never a dull moment...I love it!)
This coming weekend we'll head back to San Diego - Mike's first round of Chemo starts, so we're anxious for that. I will be bringing my computer to work on my photo sessions - no sure yet what the internet situation will be, but please still e-mail or call my cell phone and I'll get back to you ASAP!! I'm now booking sessions for June on, so the sooner you call the better :-) Don't forget to check out my blog post about "Hugs from Home!" and check back soon for the details on the "Sweet Shots" 1st Birthday. Smiles!

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