Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday {A fun little group posting}

Welcome back for another Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

The Awkward:

  • You know those dayz dais daze days where every word you type just looks weird and you  suddenly can't seem to spell worth a lick? I'm having one...
  • Me. On a bike.  (reality check: my triathlon is less than 10 days away now! oh, @*#$ !)
  • Gooseberries. blechk!! So very sorry gooseberry farmers & gooseberry lovers...but what are ya thinking? I saw these seductive little translucent pods glowing in the artificle artificial (see, told ya) sunlight in the produce aisle. They looked so intriguing, so delicate, so....good. I had to have them! Had to! I excitably hurried home and called my Mom to tell her about these gorgeous little gems I'd just discovered. I carefully opened the little pod, popped the waxy fruit into my mouth, took one taste....and immediately spit it out, gagged, made all kinds of weird noises, and waved my hand in front of my tongue as if that would really help get rid of the bitter aftertaste. My mom...simply laughed. 
The Awesome:

  • Birthdays! It was my fabulously incredible, sexy, funny, heroic, sweet, goofy, & selfless hubby's 33rd Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, sexy butt! I love you!!!
  • My Trainer, Nick...ok, I've really not enjoyed a second of my training sessions, and I've had to explain to him several times that telling a gal that she's "thick" is NOT the compliment that he claims it is, ("Athletic" = OK, "Curvy" = OK...."thick" = NOT OK.... ) but I think he finally got the message. And now that I'm a week out from my tri, I can finally appreciate all the pain and suffering he's put me through. So I'll let the "thick" comments go...for now...and will appreciate the fact that because of his training I'm starting to feel pretty bad-ass in my workouts. In fact, if I can just get over my silly fear of riding down hill on a bike, I think I've actually got this triathlon in the bag!

OK, so I feel pretty bad for knocking Goosberries so hard, and for spitting one out and not bothering to give it a second chance, so to play nice here's a link to some Gooseberry Recipes. I hope that redeems me in the eyes of any Gooseberry Advocates out there....

Have a fantastic weekend! I'm taking the next 7 days to focus HARD on last minute training for my upcoming Iron Girl Triathlon. Wow, can't believe in just a few days I'll be able to say I did this...and I'm sure while I'll be cursing my friend, Ali, for getting me into this while it's going on I know I'll be thanking her profusely when it's over. This is certainly not something I'd have signed up for on my cross your fingers for me & my race buddies Ali & Kirsten, and say a little prayer to the Bike Riding God that I can get through the 17.5 mile, 4-hill course without winding up kissing the pavement. THANKS!  And don't forget to check out Heather & Erica's blogs for their weekly dose of funny :-)

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