Thursday, July 8, 2010

You & Me & Baby makes...six! {The Boyle Family}

Kick-starting the 4th of July weekend for me was a fun session with the Boyle family...who'll soon be welcoming their newest member! {I think the odds of another adorable blonde are quite good, don't 'cha think?}

So with three adorable kiddos and one more on the way, hangin' out with Mom & Dad at home was the perfect way to capture the fun of being a family....

after measuring Mom's belly, out came the paint! Baby Boyle {and Mom!} was a great sport in letting Harry, Amelia & Charlotte have a little fun "decorating"...

but of course the fun couldn't just stop on Mom's belly....

{oh goodness I hope this one pops up in a high school yearbook years from now!}

{to the neat-nics gasping, I should point out that it's all washable paint and no couches or clothes were ruined in the making of these memories...hehehe...}

You all are great! Gallery soon to follow! Thanks again!!

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