Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ahhhhhh.....vacation! Gotta love it!
I get to share so many amazing family moments with you all, so I thought this time I'd turn the tables and share some of mine with you. But before I post any of the family moments, I wanted to share a few pics from the city of Chicago...

You can't go to the windy city without checking out the Sear's Tower. {I forget what it's actually called now since Sears no longer owns it...it's just not the same calling it anything different, anyway.} Way up at the tippy-top of the 103rd floor you can peek out and down at the city. {of course Mike and I had to play the part of the "cheesy tourists" and lie flat on the glass and get pics of each other looking like we were falling!}I snagged this pic of my fellow tourists in one of the overlooks.

" Mike and 'The Bean' "
This was my hubby Mike's first time to Chicago; both of our first trips to Millenium Park {I love that bean!}

a local artist painting "the bean"...

my favorite part of this day! It was sweltering hot, so getting to splash around with my 2-yr old niece was the best...but it was a great place to people-watch, too...

" Lunch Break "

This guy was standing off on the opposite end of one of the fountains, obviously just cooling off on his lunch break. With all the hubbub going on around him,the contrast of this moment of him just off in his own little world stood out to me while I was there, so I had to capture it...

Thinking back, I kick myself for caring about having to walk around soaking wet the rest of the day; I only got my feet wet - TOTALLY should have just run under like these kids!

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  1. That photo of Mike & the bean is amazing! To think I hooked you up with your first photography class! :)