Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guilty little pleasure {shoe series part I}

As my hubby & friends can tell you, I have a bit of a addiction to shoes...but I swear it comes naturally. The lack of closet space can be attributed to the {beautiful} influences of my Grandma & Mom ... I may not be great at hair & makeup, but boy can I accessorize!!
These totally Vegas-worthy shoes I got this weekend as a little "feeling better" gift to myself. My hubby's team has a formal coming up at the end of this month and I thought this time instead of getting a new dress, I'd rock some new heels...but that meant shoe shopping without my favorite partner-in-crime - my Mom. Thank goodness for the Blackberry!! A few photos and texts later, these puppies were comin' home with me...
This got me thinking about how all my shoes have such great memories attached to them; Nailing my first job interview, walking hand-in-hand with Mike throughout Europe, surviving deployments & welcoming my soldier home, buying my first wonder I can't ever part ways with a single pair! {ironically, when Mike proposed I was barefoot...}
This pair's story will start with some long-distance mother-daughter stop: Vegas!

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