Monday, November 23, 2009

A {very mojave} Family Portrait

Ahhhh....Christmas in the Mojave! What's an East Coast family to do??!!!
{can someone tell us where you plug in the lights out here?}

A little Christmas cheer at this fun session last night!!

This is my amazing friend, Sandy, and her family...this gal {and my other friend, Liz...we're a trio of trouble when we get the chance to hang out for sure} has been by my side throughout this insane year, and I'd be so lost without her! So it was awesome to be able to do some family portraits for them last night...and I just have to take this chance to publicly thank her and Liz for all they've done for Mike & I this past year. {neither of them have ever "fessed up" but we know it was them who fully stocked our fridge one day....we came home from a week of chemo treatments exhausted to find their handywork....}
Being away from lifelong friends and family is tough anytime...but throw in cancer {and oh yeah, that shattered ankle!} and it just really hits ya hard. Having friends - make that family - like Liz and Sandy is just priceless in so many ways! Mike and I will never get to fully show our gratitude for all the love and support...
{love ya!}

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