Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{Serendipity} McFadden Art Glass -Baltimore, MD

I love stumbling upon "cool finds!" This one definetely ranks up there on my list of favs...
I was back east for two weeks soaking up all the spring blooms and color green that I could while visiting my parents before heading to a friend's wedding in Maryland. The initial plan was to go see the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. before heading to Havre de Grace to link up with my hubby...but we got a little side tracked and
wound up in the Baltimore area,where we stumbled upon an artist's gallery and studio. Perfect timing for us...he was just starting to work on a piece, and his studio is open for people to come watch! The quick "let's stop in and take a peek" turned into a few hour visit, as we just couldn't leave until we saw the final work of art...watching the whole process was mesmerizing and beautiful - he made it look so easy! {I majored in ceramics in college, so while not the same there were a  lot of similarities...and I'm sure it wasn't nearly as easy as he made it look} Thankfully I had my camera in the car, so I was able to capture some cool shots of the artist and his assistants at work...

"The Glass Blower"
One of the assistants blows while another helps the artist work on the base of the piece

"The Artist's Tools"
Any artist will agree that you have a unique connection to your tools, whether it's a camera or kiln or paintbrush...they just become a part of you

"The Artist"
Time McFadden at work in his Baltimore, MD, studio

These are some of his pieces on display in his gallery...this bowl was one of my favorites...I bought a little paperweight that's now on display in my studio. The artist offers classes, so when I go back east this summer I'm definetely going to sign up for a day...I can't wait to learn more about glassblowing and try my hand at creating something! Check out his website at . {I posted a lot more images on my facebook page - check those out, too! }

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