Friday, February 10, 2012

The "G" Family {Fayetteville Family Photography}

Sweet Mr "A" stole my heart this summer when I had the opportunity to photograph he & his Mommy for an OpLove session. I remember opening the door to the car to help get him out; he turned, wrinkled up his itty bitty forehead, and gave me hands-down the most adorable pouty face I have ever seen. To this day I don't know what it was about that pout, but I've never seen a cuter just melted my heart...

In fact, a couple months later I actually met up with A and his Mom for dinner, and even after he peed on me I still couldn't help but this "oh this is just the cutest little guy ever!" {Let me clarify...not because he peed on me, but because the "power" of his little pout just still hadn't worn off! hehe}

Well it goes without saying that I could not have been more excited to get to see him again. He is now the Big "1"... and even better, his Daddy is home safe & sound from Iraq! Woo-hoo!

We met up last Friday for a family session, and got to enjoy some of this year's mild winter weather. {thank goodness, because I am a WIMP in the cold} We hit downtown Fayetteville before heading over to Arsenal Park, where we got to capture some great shots of the family playing together under a tree. Love those! Which brings me to a reminder....

...I love sharing peeks into each session here on my blog and featuring sessions on my website, however I completely respect each of my clients' wishes and privacy and will never post anything they are not comfortable with. If a family lets me know that they are not comfortable with their full names and/or images being shared on the internet than I completely respect that. For this family, Dad requested for me to please not use names, and to not use any images where he is shown. That is his right, and I completely respect it...

'till later! XOXO Missie

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