Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wink {Missie Jurick Photography}

 I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share with you a few portraits from last night's session. This gorgeous gal was so great to work with...and I'm incredibly grateful that she's allowing me to share some of our captures so that I can introduce you to to what I'm working on...

In addition to my Family photography, I'll soon be launching a branch of Missie Jurick Photography I'm calling "Wink." This will have a seperate website and blog, but will still be a part of my same studio ... I can't wait to design the logo and all the fun & flirty branding that will go along with it!

"Wink" will be all about celebrating the strength & confidence a woman posesses. It's about embracing our matter our shape, size, or age...and having the ability to feel pampered and gorgeous. We all deserve that.


Beautiful "A" is surprising her soldier, who's in Afghanistan, with these gorgeous portraits. I wish I could somehow put a camera in the box to record his face when he gets this surprise...I just know he's going to flip!

"A"...thank you so much for a fantastic session. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and cannot wait for you to see the rest of your gallery. You are simply stunning...and thank you so much for allowing me to share your grace & beauty on my blog. I hope you are just loving these images!

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