Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Trails...

Yikes! Am I behind on my blog or what?! This fun family has already viewed their gallery AND placed their say things have been hectic lately is an understatement! But the good news is that it means my hubby is now 75% done with chemo, and by the time block leave ends we'll be celebrating the 100% mark!! Whoo-hoo! But let me get back to this session... my little hoopty car isn't the offroad type, so they were awesome enough to let me hitch a ride so we could go out past the "painted rocks." What an appropriate setting - it's the view as you're driving away from post, and sadly we're saying goodbye to them this summer. (good thing the Army world is a small one) I've been having a blast teaching art lessons to both the kiddos, so it was a treat to do their family portraits as well. I know my crazy dog will miss seeing both of them when they come to class, and I'll certainly miss their silliness. Keep on creating, you two!

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