Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the Birds....{lazy day project}

One of my New Years Resolutions is to stop, breathe, & truly relax with my hubby on Sundays. No checking e-mail, no editing photos, no placing client orders...basically, undo the 24-7 work habit I got into while my hubby was deployed. {how'd I do today? I made it until 3 PM before I checked e-mails and wrote back; I give myself points for trying.}

Another goal is to take a short break every week and do some sort of little project just for the sheer enjoyment of doing something. I have tons of magazine pages torn out & websites flagged with simple little ideas, and it's about time I started doing them!

Today I got started on both; we slept in, then enjoyed some yummy omelets together while watching a show a recorded. Then it was outside we went to enjoy the warm weather while it's here....a nice long walk with our crazy dog, followed by chasing her after our playtime in the park turned into her getting "adventurous." This afternoon, while my hubby relaxed with some NFL games I checked off my first little project - hanging birdseed-covered pine cones on a tree out back; partially to help out the birds, but I'll admit I also hope our cat enjoys watching his feathered friends while he sunbathes on our screened- in porch.

Need a little rainy day project? Gather some pine cones on your next walk and let them dry out. Attach some cording (strong enough to hold up to the elements), slather on some cheapy peanut butter (bonus points if you use a Tigger cheese knife), and then sprinkle on some bird seed. Hang them at varying levels from a tree...keeping in mind to hang them far enough out of reach from predators so that the birds can feast without fear :-)

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