Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baking with Busia {Holiday Traditions}

One of my favorite traditions from childhood was spending a day in the kitchen making homemade Pierogi with my Dad. We always kicked off the Holiday Season by destroying the kitchen and getting in trouble with my Mom for the amount of flour we'd inevitably get everywhere. This was always done the day after Thanksgiving, and we'd top the day off with me begging to get out all the Christmas decorations and have them all up that night ... I was never one for patience....

This year was the first time in several that I was able to make Pierogi with my Mom & Dad; we made them here in NC the day before my surgery...and yes, soon after I was begging for help to get all of my decorations out. 32 years and nothing changes...I don't know how my parents put up with me.

But as special as it was for me to once again share that tradition with my family, I was even more excited to be able to be in NJ visiting my parents at the same time my brother and his family were there. Not only did I get to soak up some much needed snuggle-time with my two adorable nieces, but I got to capture my oldest niece's first time baking Pierogi with her Busia! (that's our word for Grandma) These are the moments you remember about childhood, but often don't have photographs of; I hope someday years from now J will find these memories in an album and just get a huge smile on her face...

 Pajamas, new toys, and snuggles from your Busia & PopPop....perfect childhood mornings! That's miss J playing with PopPop, and below is the First Birthday gal, miss C, getting some snuggles from her Busia.

My parents have this carousel that plays Christmas music, and since she was a baby miss J has always been enthralled with it. I am so glad I happened to have my camera nearby to catch her once again watching the animals go 'round and 'round...this is one of those memories that I know my Mom & Dad will always cherish of her. Whenever she comes to visit them, she goes straight to the carousel....they can't put it away after the Holidays anymore or they'll be in trouble!

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