Monday, February 22, 2010

Grateful...{studio update}

Ahhhhhh....AT LAST!!!! Getting back into action!! Playing a lot of "catch up" from the past few months, but making progress...and it feels good!!! I am so extremely grateful for the support & patience everyone has shown me...I've been so nervous and frustrated about the time I've had to spend away from my studio; I can't tell you how much your understanding means to me! Thank you all!
So a little update...finishing up some editing, then I'll be contacting everyone about your album designs and print orders that I'll be starting. Then it's lots of "little stuff" to do to the website & studio that got put on hold as well. {including the new online ordering system! whoohoo!} I head back to UCLA on March my personal goal is to "ring in spring" by starting to book sessions again for March 20th & beyond!! {I'll be posting session availability dates on my site's calendar soon...}

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  1. So glad you are feeling better and better! And that you are able to start doing the things you love again! Hugs!